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ADA (Americans with Disability Act)

ADA Claim Defense for Sacramento Area Employers

What should you do when an employee comes to you and says they're disabled? Can you do anything to protect yourself from someone filing a discrimination claim before the fact? How do you defend yourself against a patently false disability claim?

An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claim against any business, large or small, poses a significant threat. For the smaller business, however, this threat can literally mean the end of doing business itself.

At the law offices of Harvey Conkling, we provide proactive advice and policy development services designed to help small business owners reduce the risk of ADA claims. We also provide strong, effective legal representation in court on behalf of clients who have already been sued.

If you own a small business in the Sacramento area or the surrounding portions of Northern California and would like to discuss this issue with an attorney – we encourage you to call or contact us today.

What Does the ADA Prohibit or Require?
The ADA prohibits you from discriminating against qualified employees who are disabled, provided they can perform the essential functions of their job. The ADA also requires you to explore possibilities for accommodating the disabled employee in ways that would help them perform the essential functions of their job. If accommodations can be made and they would not be overly burdensome for you to implement as an employer, then you must implement them.

Dispute Resolution Services
Our firm handles ADA and common law discrimination claims at both the federal and state court levels. Whenever possible, we try to help clients avoid the expense, delays and stress associated with going to trial by resolving the dispute through alternative methods. However, this isn't always possible or appropriate and we will never hesitate to litigate on your behalf when the situation calls for it.

Proactive Legal Services
As a lawyer, Randy Harvey can also work with you on devising and implementing post-offer/pre-employment fitness tests geared to individual positions, as well as employment and hiring practices that can minimize your risk of exposure to ADA claims.