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Discrimination Defense for Sacramento Area Employers
As someone who has more than 30 years of management-side experience in the public and private sectors, attorney Randy J. Harvey understands and appreciates the risk employers take every time they dismiss, or even fail to promote, one employee or another.

At Harvey Conkling, Sacramento area employers receive proactive legal advice and services designed to help their small businesses avoid discrimination claims in the first place. When an employer does need to go to court, our firm offers strong and effective defense representation. To learn more about your discrimination defense options or how our lawyer can help protect you against these claims - call or contact us online.

Did the Employee in Question Belong to a Protected Class?
There are a number of different laws enacted by the State of California and the federal government that prohibit employers from engaging in discriminatory hiring or employment practices against members of certain protected classes of people.

In practical terms, this means that discrimination or wrongful termination on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, racial makeup, disability, pregnancy or national origin is unacceptable.

The Best Defense is Prevention
Although our firm can effectively defend you and your business against discrimination claims in both state and federal courts - providing real value also means providing you with forward-thinking advice and services that can help you avoid future claims.

With that goal in mind, our firm can work with you and your management-side employees to develop policies and procedures for hiring, promoting and managing employees - and for properly documenting the facts and circumstances surrounding any future claims.

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