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Contract Creation & Disputes

Contract Negotiation and Drafting for the Sacramento Area Small Business

"Good fences make good neighbors." – Mending Wall, by Robert Frost

With any type of contract, the Devil is in the details.

When you negotiate the right terms and conditions, include unambiguous definitions, make certain that the proper language and punctuation are used - then the chances are good that all parties involved will be able to reap benefits they expected.

When you don't do these, then you could find yourself with irreparably damaged long-term business relationships and the prospect of expensive litigation.

At the law offices of Randy J. Harvey, we provide businesses in the Sacramento area and surrounding portions of Northern California with quality advice, detail-oriented services and skilled representation in the contract negotiation process. Talk to our lawyer about your contraction negotiation needs today by calling our offices at 916.248.8602 or, by contacting us online.

Our Practice
We provide contract negotiation, drafting and review for all types of business agreements, including:

  • Foundational contracts (partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, etc.)
  • Employment contracts (labor agreements, executive contracts, severance package agreements, non-disclosure or non-compete agreements and other types of restrictive covenants)
  • Service and transactional contracts (purchase and sales agreements, distribution contracts, vendor contracts, service and maintenance contracts, licensing agreements, etc.)